Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Called a Sofa, not a Couch

I'm just sayin . . . when shopping for sofa's, don't ask "Where are your couches?" It's called a sofa, not a couch. Couch comes from the French word couche and means "to lie down". "Sofa" is just the proper term, that's all. This retail etiquette tip brought to you by Miss AVH, thanks gurl!

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  1. Actually, they are two different things

    a sofa is a long upholstered seat typically with a back and arms.

    a couch is a piece of furniture for seating from two to four people, typically in the form of a bench with a back, sometimes having an armrest at one or each end, and partly or wholly upholstered and often fitted with springs, tailored cushions, skirts, etc.; sofa.

    so a sofa is really a type of couch.

    Both are right, one is no more proper than the other


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